neděle 28. února 2016

Soudní novinky 9/16 (Výplata po více než 22 letech?)

Opět online:
  • Veselo v Lucemburku! Rada pokračuje v porážkách před SD ohledně zmrazování účtů (Bank Mellat). Láhev od Coly není dostatečně odlišitelná, aby dostala ochrannou známku (Coca-Cola v OHIM). Monopol adidasu na šikmé proužky, fakt zajímavé! SD vnímá ducha doby a poslední dobou si raději moc nevyskakuje ve věcech vyplácení dávek sociální pomoci pro státní příslušníky (García-Nieto). To nejlepší nakonec: Dočkají se řečtí rybáři po více než 22 letech výplaty peněz po pádu zaměstnavatele do insolvence (Stroumpolis)?
  • NYTimes: Italy: Court Faults Cleric’s Abduction ("The cleric, Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, was seized on a street in Milan by C.I.A. operatives in 2003 and flown to Egypt, where, he said, he was tortured for more than seven months.")
  • NYTimes: Supreme Court Abortion Case Seen as a Turning Point for Clinics ("The future of many clinics, across much of the country, could be at stake this spring as the Supreme Court takes up what both sides in the debate describe as a landmark issue.").
  • Vláda práva v Turecku? "Turkey on Friday released two journalists jailed for their reporting on the government’s alleged smuggling of arms to Syrian rebels, after the country’s highest court ruled that the detention violated their rights."
  • NYTimes: Appeals Court Upholds Law Restricting Louisiana Abortion Doctors ("The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals voted to allow a 2014 state law requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals go into effect, reducing the number of remaining clinics to two.")
  • Closely Watched Fight Over California Teacher Tenure Moves to Appeals Court ("The plaintiffs argued that too often, incompetent teachers end up in classrooms with disadvantaged children, with the law making it impossible to remove them.")
  • Laurence Tribe: The Scalia Myth - demýtifikace!

čtvrtek 25. února 2016

People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter

The Complete List.

Marco Rubio
“a lightweight choker”
“couldn't even respond properly to President Obama's State of the Union Speech without pouring sweat & chugging water”
“a highly overrated politician
“cannot be President”
“only won the debate in the minds of desperate people”
“very disloyal to Jeb”
“weak on illegal immigration”
“VERY weak on illegal immigration”
“perfect little puppet”
“very disloyal”
“totally controlled”
“never made ten cents”
“worst voting record in Senate”
“all talk and no action”
“very weak on stopping illegal immigration”
“incapable of making great trade deals”
“knows nothing about finance”
“VERY weak on immigration”
“worst attendance record in Senate”
“rarely there to vote on a bill”
“will allow anyone into the country”
“weak on illegal immigration”
“just another all talk, no action, politician”
“worst voting record in Sen.”
“truly doesn't have a clue!”
“worst voting record in Senate”

Arianna Huffington
“liberal clown”

Samuel L. Jackson
“golf swing. Not athletic”
“does too many TV commercials – boring”
“not a fan”

“low-level degenerates”

A podium in the Oval Office
“looks odd”
“not good”