středa 6. listopadu 2013

Days of Fire

V předchozím postu jsem psal o knížce Days of Fire o Bushově prezidentství. V dnešních WashPost je další koment a úryvek, tentokrát o válce v Iráku.
Near the end of his new book, “Days of Fire,” my friend and former colleague Peter Baker recounts a moment in the White House Situation Room in 2008 when President George W. Bush was uncharacteristically reflective: “The president looked at [Defense Secretary] Robert Gates and Admiral Mike Mullen, who had succeeded Peter Pace as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and harked back to the critical days in 2003 before he launched the war that had become so problematic. ‘You know,’ he recalled, ‘when I made the decision on Iraq, I went around the room to everybody at that table, every principal. “You in? Any doubts?” Nothing from anybody.’ ”

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