sobota 20. října 2012

Interview with Andrew Linklater for Global Politics

Does the field of International Relations need to be more connected with other social studies? What are the main challenges for contemporary international system and are we still able to manage them with our „Western rationality“? Are we going to see the wider transformation of particular national political communities into international ones? These questions and many more were for Global Politics magazine answered by Andrew Linklater.  

Andrew Linklater is Woodrow Wilson Professor in International Politics in the Department of International, Aberystwyth University. In his research, Linklater has continually tried to connect International Relations, political philosophy, normative social theory (Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School above all), and historical sociology. The core issue of Linklater's re­search and intellectual interest, which permeates his entire work, is concentrated on possibilities of ethical progress in international politics.

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