neděle 5. ledna 2014

Milost pro Snowdena?

List NYT sepsal důvody pro omilostnění Snowdena, přece jenom odstartoval debatu o NSA a celkově o právu na soukromí v USA. Co by ale takový krok znamenal pro ostatní "leakery"? Že je vyzrazení národněbezpečnostních tajemství ok, pokud toho vyzradíte opravdu hodně? A co informace o boji USA s teroristy z Talibanu nebo o soupeření USA s autoritativními režimy, které Snowden taky zveřejnil? To je ok?

Zde část z NYT editorialu:
The revelations have already prompted two federal judges to accuse the N.S.A. of violating the Constitution (although a third, unfortunately, found the dragnet surveillance to be legal). A panel appointed by President Obama issued a powerful indictment of the agency’s invasions of privacy and called for a major overhaul of its operations. … All of this is entirely because of information provided to journalists by Edward Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor who stole a trove of highly classified documents after he became disillusioned with the agency’s voraciousness.

Zde nesouhlas Freda Kaplana:
But Snowden did much more than that. The documents that he gave the Washington Post’s Barton Gellman and the Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald have, so far, furnished stories about the NSA’s interception of email traffic, mobile phone calls, and radio transmissions of Taliban fighters in Pakistan’s northwest territories; about an operation to gauge the loyalties of CIA recruits in Pakistan; about NSA email intercepts to assist intelligence assessments of what’s going on inside Iran; about NSA surveillance of cellphone calls “worldwide,” an effort that (in the Post’s words) “allows it to look for unknown associates of known intelligence targets by tracking people whose movements intersect.” … These operations have nothing to do with domestic surveillance or even spying on allies. They are not illegal, improper, or (in the context of 21st-century international politics) immoral. Exposing such operations has nothing to do with “whistle-blowing.”

… a ještě pár tweetů.

O osudu Snowdena hlasujte vpravo. →→→→ →→→→ →→→→ →→→→

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