čtvrtek 12. ledna 2017

Miloš Goes to Washington

Z rozhovoru WashPost s Milošem Zemanem:

Q. Why did an invitation never come from Obama?

A. I disagree with his position toward Israel. . . . I dislike any hesitation in this area. And more than that, the situation in the Middle East. Obama’s policy destroyed practically all the Middle East’s structures and countries.

Q. Then it is untrue? You are not pro-Russian?

A. I am not financed by Russia . . . no vodka from Russia, no money from Russia. . . . They say that I am even paid by Russians, but in fact I am only an agent of Czechia, the Czech Republic.

Q. You have said there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Can you explain?

A. Let me start with Nazi Germany. ...

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