pondělí 18. června 2012

Is EURO doomed?

After several successful Symposiums on issues such as geopolitics, Middle East and the US foreign policy, the editorial board of Global Politics decided to prepare another edition. The new Symposium is focused on a very disputed topic of the economics of the European Union, more particularly on its common currency EURO.
For some time, we have been witnessing dramatic developments in Europe and it is no different at the time of writing of these words. Because there are serious decisions to be made in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe, we think that it is neccessary to look at the issue at hand from a long-term perspective and assess the successes and failures of the single European currency. Moreover, the EURO has been supposedly an enduring project planned for generations to come, therefore we consider future development of the currency to be an important factor as well. Even though it is not possible to predict future, Global Politics is convinced that it is vital to look ahead and be prepared for possible challenges. Therefore, we asked experts also a question concerning their expectations of the future of the Euro zone. We are glad that we can present the opinions of number of important scholars and experts from the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Spain and the USA.

Autory jsou Richard Turcsányi a Jan Daniel.
Foto od Images_of_Money.

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