pondělí 3. srpna 2015

Soudní novinky 15-31

  • Když soudy kazí politikům plány: "An Illinois state court has dealt another blow to Chicago’s woeful finances. The city, whose pension system (on generous estimation) sits at around 36 percent funded, had proposed a plan to make minor changes to its defined benefit pension obligations, lessening the burden of its ever-worsening funding gap. But a court ruled against the changes, and the reasoning shows that Illinois’ constitution really is a suicide pact."
  • V Indii mají o zahalování jasno: "The Supreme Court on Friday made it clear that faith in one’s own religion will not disappear if you appear in an examination without a scarf for a few hours. It held that Muslim girls cannot insist on wearing the hijab (scarf) to examination halls for appearing in the All-India Pre-Medical Test scheduled for Saturday."
  • Pár argumentů k debatě, která se čas od času objeví i u nás: Dog law, pit bulls, and “breed-specific presumptions”: When must a dog who bites be destroyed?
  • Arbitration between Croatia and Slovenia: Leaks, Wiretaps, Scandal - to taky vypadá na pěknou taškařici. 
  • Breaking! Russia to create Eurasian Court against European Court of Human Rights (tohle musím ocitovat celé, opravdu upřímně by mě zajímalo, nakolik těm blafům sami věří): "Yelena Sutormina, Chairwoman of the Public Chamber Commission on the Development of Public Diplomacy and Support for Compatriots Abroad directed the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, and Minister of Justice Konovalov an official inquiry. She offers to consider creation of a Eurasian Court of human rights. The reason for such a court creation is the fact, that European Court decisions have "political motivation", but not human rights priority. The similar offering has been already stated by the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts. One of examples of politically motivated decisions is the suits on Ukrainian citizens' human rights violations, as a result of armed conflict in Ukraine. Some of them are not adopted by the European Court. The first consideration of the new court creation can be carried out in Beijing at the meeting of heads of the states in September 2015."
  • Scalia je vždy lákavé téma, tohle je pěkně hořko-zábavné.
  • Následky práva být zapomenut - už cca 400.000 smazání. Tento rozsudek se SD podle mě moc nepovedlo... Trochu širší pojednání zde.

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