neděle 4. října 2015

Soudní novinky 15-40 (Prospektivní soudcové - hlídejte si své lajky a statusy!)

  • Singapurský soud o zakazování hry na hudební nástroje během náboženského svátku: "In my judgment, the police has shown legitimate public order concerns and their measures were directed at preserving public order," he said in judgment grounds released last week. "The risk of a disruption of public order was not unreal. The connection between the music restriction and the preservation of public order was neither illogical nor unreasonable."
  • French Constitutional Council Rejects Uber Appeal of Transport Law: "France's highest constitutional authority rejected Uber Technologies Inc.'s challenge of a law that bans the car-hailing service's low-cost offering Uberpop, keeping legal pressure on the firm as two top executives face trial under the law. France's Constitutional Council ruled late Tuesday that a provision of a new law passed last year that made the creation of a system like Uberpop punishable with prison time was in accordance with France's constitution. In doing so, the court rejected Uber's arguments that the law violated the principle of free enterprise and of proportional punishment and equality."
  • NYT: France Opens Criminal Investigation of Torture in Syria Under Assad ("Based upon tens of thousands of harrowing photographs of torture victims taken by a Syrian defector, France’s investigation is in the early stages, a spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor’s office said. It will require the discovery of a French victim, or the arrest of a Syrian official, to move forward, said the spokeswoman, Agnès Thibault-Lecuivre.")
  • Olala! "EU judges have said a Dutch mayor is right to insist brothel owners can speak to the prostitutes they work with in a common language to help stop abuse." (EU court upholds prostitutes' language rights)
  • David Kosař doporučuje: Orin Kerr: Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 2035 - vtipné, a děsivé.

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