pondělí 28. září 2015

Soudní novinky 15-39 (Brazilská soudní dobrodružství)

Pracovní týden v Berkeley přispěl ke spíše okleštěné podobně novinek (update: nakonec ani ne):

  • Brazil bans corporations from political donations amid corruption scandal ("The supreme court declares rules allowing companies to donate to election campaigns – which totaled around $200m last year – were unconstitutional" (..) "Rosa Weber, one of the judges who ruled in favour of the ban, argued that undue economic influence comprised the legitimacy of the country’s elections. “The influence of economic power has ended up transforming the electoral process into a rigged political game, a despicable pantomime which makes the voter a puppet, simultaneously undermining citizenship, democracy and popular sovereignty.")
  • Canada court rules women may wear veils during citizenship oath.
  • Trocha bulváru: Britain CAN ditch European human rights laws, says top judge ("Britain could ditch European human rights laws because there are 'serious' social differences between the UK and countries on the continent, a top judge said yesterday. Supreme Court justice Jonathan Sumption said we should be able to adopt alternative legislation based on our own traditions and history. His comments were seen as an endorsement of Tory plans to replace the Human Rights Act with a new British Bill of Rights.")
  • Dobrá zpráva... "The song "Happy Birthday To You" belongs in the public domain, a federal court judge in Los Angeles has ruled, meaning that the company collecting royalties from it no longer owns a valid copyright on the song. Up until now, Warner Chappell Music, a division of the Warner Music Group, has charged people for use of the song. It acquired the copyright—originally filed by the Clayton F Summy Co in 1935 —in 1988, according to the BBC. Until now it could not be sung on TV or radio, in films and other public performances without producers having to pay a fee."
  • A je to (skoro) tu! Zatím pouze stanovisko AG: "According to Advocate General Bot, the Commission decision finding that the protection of personal data in the United States is adequate does not prevent national authorities from suspending the transfer of the data of European Facebook subscribers to servers located in the United States. The Advocate General considers furthermore that the Commission decision is invalid." Komentář Stevea Peerse zde.
  • Jeffu Fisherovi ze Stanfordu se nelíbí, že američtí nejvyšší soudcové rozhodují o tom, které případy rozhodnou meritorně, zcela bez odůvodnění a za zavřenými dveřmi. Ocenil by aspoň výsledky hlasování a hlasy jednotlivých soudců (The Supreme Court’s Secret Power).
  • No potěš... EU court strikes down Brussels' language regime
  • Velké věci předvádí brazilský nejvyšší soud také v kauzách ohledně vězeňského systému: (Vanice Regina Lirio do Valle: An Unconstitutional State of Affairs in the Brazilian Prison System) "The failure of the prison system in Brazil is self-evident, and this matter has recently been brought before the Supreme Federal Court through several lawsuits, each treating different aspects of the State’s wrongful management of the issue. The Supreme Court has already decided that the Judiciary could order the Executive branch to proceed in renovating prison infrastructure so as to better accommodate the ever growing incarcerated population, despite the lack of existing budgetary provision (RG RExt 592591/RS, Justice Rapporteur Ricardo Lewandowsky). In another lawsuit, the Court is deciding whether the State can be held accountable for moral damages to inmates that are incarcerated in prisons in conditions below those necessary to preserve basic human dignity (RG RExt 580252/MS, Justice Rapporteur Teori Zavascky). The Supreme Court has also proclaimed that the Brazilian government must comply with international treaties that grant an arrested person the right to be presented before a judge no more than 24 hours after detention (ADI 5240/SP, Justice Rapporteur Luiz Fux)."

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