neděle 13. března 2016

Soudní novinky 11/16 (Jeptišky a antikoncepce)

Po turné v Sheffieldu a Oxfordu aspoň osekaně:
  • Starší, ale zajímavý článek: Paul Gowder: Is It Wrong to Make the Supreme Court an Election Issue?
  • Americký Nejvyšší soud bude řešit další problém v dynamicky se rozvíjející problematice - rovnost vs. náboženská svoboda (Zubik v Burwell).
  • NYTimes: Polish Court Strikes Down Law Limiting Its Powers, Inflaming a Crisis ("The right-wing government of Poland said it would ignore a ruling by the Constitutional Tribunal, the only court empowered to review national laws.")
  • NYTimes: Supreme Court Restores Visitation Rights to Lesbian Adoptive Mother ("The court ruled that the Alabama Supreme Court had erred in refusing visitation because it disagreed with Georgia laws allowing same-sex couples to adopt.")
  • The Spanish Supreme Court Confirms Corporate Criminal Liability.
  • Velká věc z Benátské komise: Opinion on amendments to the Act of 25 June 2015 on the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland, adopted by the Venice Commission at its 106th Plenary Session (Venice, 11-12 March 2016). 
  • Pár zajímavostí z Lucemburku: Case C-431/14 P Greece v Commission (The Court confirms the obligation on the Greek State to recover from Greek farmers unlawful State aid of €425 million paid as a result of adverse weather conditions); C-179/15 Daimler AG (Former authorised Daimler dealers are not responsible for advertisements which, despite their efforts to have them removed, continue to associate their name with the trade mark ‘Mercedes-Benz’ on the internet Furthermore, Daimler cannot require those dealers to take steps to remove such advertisements from the internet where they have not been ordered.)

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