pondělí 21. března 2016

Soudní novinky 12/16 (Poláci se soudí)

Opět trochu osekaněji:
  • Olaf considers court action against EU commission. 
  • Moment of truth in Polish constitutional dispute
  • The Economist:The Supreme Court delivers a win for gay adoption ("The outcome of V.L. v E.L. was apparently obvious to all 8 justices. Normally, after the Court grants an appeal it invites written briefs and holds oral arguments during which lawyers present their positions in a one-hour hearing. Not so in this case. The justices skipped the briefing and argument phases, granting certiorari and reversing the Alabama Supreme Court in one decisive fell swoop. This amounts to an embarrassing rebuke. It also sends a signal to judges nationwide that seeking legally dubious ways to attack gay rights will not be tolerated by the Supreme Court, even by the three surviving conservative justices who dissented from last year’s same-sex marriage ruling."). 
  • Jeremy Waldron: On the Supreme Court Battlefield (recenze nového dílka Casse Sunsteina).

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