pondělí 16. května 2016

Soudní novinky 20/16 (Ruský ústavní soud ignoruje ESLP)

  • NYTimes: Turkey’s President Erdogan Fails to Silence German Publisher ("A German court rejected a request by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for an injunction against the chief executive of Axel Springer over his support for a comedian who lampooned the Turkish leader.") 
  • U.S. Court Dismisses Rana Plaza Lawsuit ("Families of the 1,130 victims who died in the Rana Plaza factory collapse three years ago in Bangladesh should not expect to find any sort of restitution in the U.S. any time soon, in large part because of legal technicalities.")
  • Russia’s Constitutional Court Declares Judgment of the European Court “Impossible” to Enforce ("Last month on April 19, 2016, Russia’s Constitutional Court ruled that enforcement of the 2013 Anchugov & Gladkov v. Russia judgment of the European Court on Human Rights (ECtHR) is ‘impossible’, because it is contrary to the Russian Constitution. (..) By denying individual plaintiffs Anchugov and Gladkov any recourse however, the Constitutional Court preserves its dubious authority to declare unenforceable judgments and just compensation awards to victims of human rights abuses in Russia.")
  • The Fate of Brazil’s Democracy Depends on a Man You’ve Never Heard Of. Sergio Moro is leading the biggest corruption investigation in the country's history. ("He'd better get it right.Moro has become a household name. He’s the judge leading the charge in the massive investigation against corrupt businessmen and government officials who stole millions of dollars from state coffers.")

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