neděle 29. května 2016

Soudní novinky 21-22/16 (Žaloba na Obamu kvůli záchodům)

  • NYTimes: Swedish Court Sentences Man to Life in Prison for Role in Rwanda Genocide ("The Stockholm District Court found that Claver Berinkindi, who obtained Swedish citizenship in 2012, had participated in five massacres in 1994"). 
  • Mississippi School District Ordered to Desegregate Its Schools ("A federal court has ordered a town in Mississippi to desegregate its high schools and middle schools, ending a five-decade-long legal battle over integrating black and white students. (..) The decision comes six decades after the United States Supreme Court declared in Brown v. Board of Education that “separate but equal has no place” in public schools. Tuesday is the 62nd anniversary of the landmark decision.").
  • German Constitutional Court to rule on ECB bond-buying programme in June ("The German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe will announce on 21 June – two days before the UK’s EU referendum – its verdict on whether the European Central Bank’s OMT bond-buying programme is in line with the German Constitution. Judges are examining if the ECB overstepped its mandate by announcing it would buy an unlimited amount of government bonds at the height of the Eurozone crisis in 2012.") zdroj: DPA
  • Tématická debata na NYT: Is a Deadlocked Supreme Court Such a Bad Thing? 
  • Google takes right to be forgotten battle to France's highest court. Company is appealing against decision by French data protection authority to apply search-results ruling to all its domains.("In the past month alone, Google says it has received 88,814,884 requests to remove URLs due to alleged copyright infringement.")
  • A ještě jednou Google: The Economist: Google could face billion-dollar fines in two court cases ("THIS spring may go down as the most expensive season in Google’s history. On May 24th French prosecutors raided the firm’s Paris office to collect evidence as part of an investigation in pursuit of an estimated €1.6 billion ($1.8 billion) in back taxes. (The firm says it is co-operating fully.) The tech giant also faces two other, more costly legal imbroglios.")
  • Používáte chytré hodinky? Pak pozor! Jde se k soudu... Just How Accurate Are Fitbits? The Jury Is Out.
  • NYTimes: States Sue Obama Administration Over Transgender Bathroom Policy ("Officials in 11 states, led by Texas, accused the federal government of trying to make schools and offices “laboratories for a massive social experiment.”")
  • Kansas Supreme Court Rejects School Funding Plan, Citing ‘Intolerable’ Inequities ("The Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the state Legislature had failed to equitably fund public schools, once again giving the state until June 30 to fix its financing system or face a court-ordered shutdown of schools.")

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