pondělí 7. listopadu 2011

Changing Geopolitics of the Caspian Region?

After the last Middle East Symposium, Global Politics editors have decided to shift their attention to other very interesting region – Caspian Sea. According to many IR scholars, world is now experiencing the power shift from the West to so called „emerging powers“, which is accompanied by various geopolitical turmoils. But is this also the case of Caspian region? If so, could this change bring some fresh air to local frozen conflicts? These questions were answered by various regional experts with diverse backgrounds and professional experiences, but profound understanding of Caspian affairs.
It is our great pleasure to publish the answers of Thomas de Waal (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, senior associate), Emil Souleimanov (Charles University, Prague, assistant professor), Anar Valiyev (Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, Baku, assistant professor, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs), Leila Alieva (Centre for National and International Studies, Baku, president), Joshua Kucera (freelance journalist, analyst, Washington DC) and Tomáš Šmíd (Masaryk University, Brno, assistant professor).

Map by US Department of Energy.

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