čtvrtek 17. listopadu 2011

Post-conflict Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dear colleagues,
it is my great pleasure to invite you to the lecture on topic of "Post-conflict Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Special Insight into the Reform of Defense: Present Situation and Challenges" that will be held on Wednesday, December 7, 10-12h in room P24. FSS MU. Lecturer, Mr Danko Aleksic, an independent analyst with an extensive experience in the related field, will give a lecture on the respective topic. Moreover, considering the fact that Mr Aleksic has also worked for the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia and is currently engaged on a number of UN-sponsored projects in the Balkans and active within the Igman Initiative (aimed at normalization of relations in the 'Dayton triangle'), I believe that you will find his lecture on BiH, state often characterized as 'a case of a failed democratization,' rather interesting and useful.

As for the form of the lecture, one-hour presentation in English language will be followed by a half-hour discussion panel. Thus, please be so kind as to refer to dordevic@fss.muni.cz for any inquiries that you may have concerning the aforementioned lecture, and both Department of IR and European Studies and myself would be very glad to see you on 7.12 in great numbers.

Thank you kindly.
Dordevic Vladimir

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