středa 7. listopadu 2012

Proč nevyhrál?

Asi více důvodů:
1) "It's economy, stupid." Zdá se, že relativní oživení ekonomiky přišlo včas. "Yes, unemployment remains high at 7.9%, and the recovery has been slow. But slow growth and no growth sit worlds apart."
2) Latináři... :) "Polls of Latino voters show that Obama probably will get 70% or more of their vote."
3) Ground game: "Obama campaign officials have said for more than a year that the organization they were building to identify, register, mobilize and turn out supporters would provide the difference in a close election. ... The campaign has benefited from new techniques in identifying and targeting supporters and motivating them to show up at the polls."

Podrobnější výsledky prezidentských voleb viz např. zde.

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