pondělí 5. listopadu 2012

Romney will win

Even though conventional wisdom holds that Obama will win this year's presidential elections, it might not be the case...

1) Karl Rove knows things... "Romney has a small but persistent polling edge, leading in 19 of the 31 national surveys released in the last week... the GOP candidate was at or above 50 percent in 10 polls, Obama in none. President Barack Obama was ahead in seven of the polls and five were tied."
2) Independents are favoring Romney. And independents decide.
3) Young people are not really excited about this elections. Not a good sign for President Obama. "Young voters were a decisive ingredient in President Barack Obama's election bid in 2008. But the millennials appear to be missing in action this cycle."
4) Romney will probably win crucial swing-states Florida and Virginia, maybe also Wisconsin and Ohio.

Four more years?

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