středa 19. června 2013

Security Challenges in Contemporary Central Europe

Web journal Global Politics, associated with the Department of International Relations and European Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic and supported by the International Institute of Political Science in cooperation with security web magazine announces a call for paper proposals for our second Special Issue on the topic:

Even though most Central European countries have been successfully integrated into Atlantic and/or European international organizations for nearly a decade, the region still faces security challenges that are in many ways distinctive from those of other countries on the continent. Due to the region's unique historical experience, we can observe for instance heightened securitization of energy security issues and relations with the Russian Federation in general, or various „internal“ challenges as well, such as far rights movements, transnational organized crime or exclusion of Roma minority. However, the Central European security experience is by no means limited only to these topics, and there are also very interesting developments in other areas, be it transnational cooperation on security issues or adaptation of security sector to contemporary security challenges (i.e. migration, terrorism, proliferation of WMD etc.).

The accepted papers are to be published as a peer-reviewed collective monograph. We welcome proposals employing both well-established and innovative methods of research and related to the security challenges and practices in contemporary Central Europe including but not limited to:
• Securitization in Central Europe
• Security policies of Central European countries
• Security cooperation in Central Europe
• Central European energy security issues
• Security sector reform and europeanization
• Central European response to transnational security challenges
• Internal security challenges and politics of coping
• New security practices in Central Europe (risk management, biopolitics,...)

Please send your paper proposals, in the form of maximum 250 words long abstract, by 15th July 2013 to

We especially encourage advanced students of Master's or PhD programmes to submit their abstracts. Please add brief information about your affiliation and level of studies. The final deadline for 20 - 30 pages long papers will be in late October/early November.

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