neděle 22. listopadu 2015

Soudní novinky 15-47 (Češi budou Maďary milovat!)

  • Pan soudce to tedy nebude mít jednoduché: Judge to Rule on Police Shooting Video that ‘Might Rip Chicago Apart’ ("A judge is set to decide this week whether to make public a video showing Chicago police shooting a black teenager 16 times, footage that those who have seen it say could create the kind of unrest seen in other U.S. cities following police-related deaths.")
  • Češi budou Maďary milovat! Hungary to challenge refugee quotas in EU court ("The bill, approved by 154 votes in favor from the ruling Fidesz party, and the opposition far-right Jobbik, with 41 against, states that the quota ignores the European principle of subsidiarity and fails to grant national parliaments the opportunity to express their opinion. (..) The preamble of the bill passed on Tuesday also says the quota system is dangerous, would increase crime, spread terror and endanger Hungarian culture.")
  • Jedna domácí perlička: Univerzita Karlova žaluje prezidenta Zemana. Za bojkot jmenování profesorů.
  • "The Justice Department urged the U.S. Supreme Court Friday to take up the case of President Obama's immigration plan that would shield up to 5 million people from deportation. The government moved unusually quickly, filing its appeal just a week after a federal appeals court agreed with Texas and 25 other states opposed to the plan. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the administration illegally tried to put the policy into place without getting public comment first."
  • Kosovo's Constitutional Court has suspended an agreement with Serbia negotiated with the support of the EU. ("The decision of Kosovo's Constitutional Court to review an agreement to normalize economic and cultural relations between Serbia and Kosovo came only one day after Kosovo's failed attempt to join UNESCO. With help from Russia, Serbia had set all diplomatic means in motion to prevent Kosovo's membership in the UN's cultural organization, which Kosovo's Prime Minister Isa Mustafa called a "racist campaign. (..) Kosovo's Prime Minister Mustafa and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic agreed to establish an association of nine municipalities in Kosovo mostly inhabited by Serbs. This would guarantee the Serb minority a degree of autonomy in many areas. The highest court in Kosovo is now set to examine the constitutionality of this agreement.")
  • "The Dutch Supreme Court referred a landmark case against the file-sharing website Pirate Bay to the European Court of Justice on Friday, a move that could lead to a precedent in efforts to curtail the sharing of copyrighted movies and music online. (..) The Luxembourg-based court has been asked to consider two main points: whether Pirate Bay's actions infringe European copyright laws and to what extent a court can order internet providers to block subscribers access to illegal websites."
  • "The Constitutional Court in Georgia has decided that a controversial provision barring former senior Soviet officials and Communist Party members from holding post in state institutions is unconstitutional. (..) The Constitutional Court agreed that this is against the 17th article of the Georgian Constitution, which is about the right to human dignity."
Foto: Chicago.

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