pátek 1. ledna 2016

Soudní novinky 15-50-53 (Afirmativní akce opět a zase)

Asi nešlo očekávat, že se mi podaří něco rozumného publikovat koncem semestru a roku...
  • Justices Favor Lesbian Adoptive Mother in Visitation Case ("The Supreme Court has acted in a lesbian couple’s adoption dispute, siding with an adoptive mother after the Alabama Supreme Court refused to recognize her adoptions of three children.")
  • The Economist: Affirmative action in court. The justices appear split on racial preferences in university admissions.
  • Judge Leaves Northern Ireland’s Abortion Laws to Lawmakers ("Judge Mark Horner said that ordering changes to allow terminations in the case of a fatal fetal abnormality, rape or incest would be “a step too far.”) Odkaz na rozsudek skrze: Northern Ireland: abortion law ruled incompatible with human rights.
  • A court in Bangladesh's capital accepted murder charges Monday against 41 people including the owner of the Rana Plaza building that collapsed in 2013, highlighting grim conditions in the country's garment industry.
  • Dutch appeals court says Shell may be held liable for oil spills in Nigeria ("Nigerian farmers affected by oil pollution get green light to pursue case against Anglo–Dutch multinational as judges order release of key documents").
  • Poland: Law Altering Top Court Goes Into Effect Despite Criticism ("The new law which affects how Poland’s highest court makes rulings, is a move that critics say will paralyze the court and erode checks and balances on government powers.")

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