pátek 28. března 2008

Vybraná dávka zajímavostí

Kopíruji z nového čísla měsíčníku Prospect (April 2008):
"658,644 new houses were built in Spain in 2006, while 168,000 were built in England. Adjusting for population, Spain built five times more houses per head. (Stephen Nickell, Nuffield College)

Indians account for 36 per cent of scientists at Nasa, 38 per cent of doctors in the US, and 34 per cent of employees at Microsoft, 28 per cent at IBM, 17 per cent at Intel and 13 per cent at Xerox. (The Times of India, 11th March 2008)

In 2007, YouTube consumed as much bandwidth as the entire internet did in 2000. (New York Times, 13th March 2008)

Britain now has 47,800 PR people to 45,000 journalists. (Flat Earth News, by Nick Davies)

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre is still hunting 488 suspected living Nazis. (Harper's, January 2008)"

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