sobota 11. června 2011

Zrcadlo Evropě

Loučící se americký ministr obrany Robert Gates pronesl v bruselské centrále NATO mj. i tato slova (citace z the Economist), z nichž Evropě asi není moc do smíchu:

"To be sure, at the outset, the NATO Libya mission did meet its initial military objectives – grounding Qaddafi’s air force and degrading his ability to wage offensive war against his own citizens. And while the operation has exposed some shortcomings caused by underfunding, it has also shown the potential of NATO, with an operation where Europeans are taking the lead with American support. However, while every alliance member voted for Libya mission, less than half have participated at all, and fewer than a third have been willing to participate in the strike mission. Frankly, many of those allies sitting on the sidelines do so not because they do not want to participate, but simply because they can’t. The military capabilities simply aren’t there.

In particular, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets are lacking that would allow more allies to be involved and make an impact. The most advanced fighter aircraft are little use if allies do not have the means to identify, process, and strike targets as part of an integrated campaign. To run the air campaign, the NATO air operations centre in Italy required a major augmentation of targeting specialists, mainly from the US, to do the job – a “just in time” infusion of personnel that may not always be available in future contingencies. We have the spectacle of an air operations centre designed to handle more than 300 sorties a day struggling to launch about 150. Furthermore, the mightiest military alliance in history is only 11 weeks into an operation against a poorly armed regime in a sparsely populated country – yet many allies are beginning to run short of munitions, requiring the US, once more, to make up the difference."

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Lubomir Majercik řekl(a)...

Pekne to Gates rekl. Jeste k tomu v editorialu NYT: Aliance postavena na jednom clenovi neni aliance. K cemu jsou nam slavne Grippeny za opravdu velke penize, kdyz je nejsme schopni nasadit v boji? A navic pravicova vlada s velkou podporou v PSP?