neděle 6. prosince 2015

Soudní novinky 15-48/49 (Posner v. Scalia)

Drobné zpoždění:
  • High Court Denounces Northern Ireland’s Abortion Law ("Abortion legislation in Northern Ireland is “incompatible with human rights,” the Belfast High Court said in a long-awaited judgment on Monday that will put intense pressure on lawmakers to allow terminations in cases of fatal fetal abnormality, rape and incest.")
  • "Carol P. Sachs of California, who lost her legs after a train accident in Innsbruck, sought to sue the railroad in federal court because she bought her ticket in the United States." Nebo taky: US Supreme Court Further Limits Access to US Courts for Conduct Occurring Abroad ("The Supreme Court determined that the railway is entitled to sovereign immunity from suit. It found that Ms. Sachs' suit is based upon the tragic accident which occurred in Austria, not on the purchase of the Eurail pass in California.  Thus, the relevant conduct did not occur within the United States as required by the statute.")
  • Moscow City Court's judgment on Burkov v. Google on the case of protection of privacy of email correspondance ("A. L. Burkov submitted a complaint in court against Google LLC requesting that the Defendant be enjoined from reading his personal correspondence and be assessed compensation for moral damage in the amount of 50 000 Rubles.")
  • !! Tak pozor!! RICHARD A. POSNER and ERIC J. SEGALL (!!): Justice Scalia’s Majoritarian Theocracy ("THE Supreme Court has decided four major cases furthering gay rights. Justice Antonin Scalia has written a bitter dissent from each.") Rozhodně stojí za přečtení!
  • Criminal justice in Japan: Forced to confess ("Yet the state’s benign paternalism has a dark side. The chief reason the system looks good is that Japan is a remarkably safe society. And where once police worked closely with local communities to solve crimes, now they struggle to catch criminals. The system relies on confessions, which form the basis of nine-tenths of criminal prosecutions. Many confessions are extracted under duress.")
  • "The Supreme Court of Bermuda issued a landmark decision on November 27, 2015 finding that persons in same-sex relationships with Bermudians should have the same rights as opposite-sex spouses of Bermudians to live in Bermuda and to seek employment there."

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