středa 9. dubna 2008

Velmi zajímavá letní škola!!

Never Again? Genocide in Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur
International Summer Course 2008
Course dates: 30 June to 25 July 2008 ECTS credits: 10
Course Description: After the horrors of the Holocaust, the international community drafted the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and pledged ”never again” should such evil strike humanity. The pledge proved empty; numerous cases of genocidal violence followed. Bosnia (1992-1995) and Rwanda (1994) are particularly relevant. In both cases we could not justify our inactivity by lack of knowledge or experience. This time we knew. How could all this nonetheless happen? While we look for answers, we have to realise that the new century already has added another case to the list: Darfur. Since February 2003. What is this conflict about – and is it really a genocide? In this class, we will examine the cases of Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur in order to learn how genocidal processes start, how they develop, and how they might be prevented. We will also look at topics such as the definition of genocide, the role of the United Nations and efforts to bring genocidaires to justice in front of international criminal tribunals.
Special requirements: Graduate/MA level or postgraduate/PhD level. The course aims at students who are interested in politics, history, international law, anthropology, international affairs and related studies.
Tuition Fee: The course is free of charge for students from the EU/EEA countries and exchange students. For non exchange students outside EU/EEA countries there is a tuition fee of EUR 1,150.
Application Deadline: The application deadline for all international students and non-students is 1 May 2008. The application deadline for all Danish citizens is 1 June 2008.
Venue: Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Instructor: Martin Mennecke, PhD Fellow in International Law at the Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS) & External Lecturer at the University of Copenhagen,
Information and Application: – Summer Courses 2008
Contact person:
Kristian Bitsch, student assistant
The International Secretary
The Faculty of Theology & Centre of African Studies
University of Copenhagen
T: + 45 35 32 39 59
F: 45 35 32 36 00

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