pondělí 29. září 2008

Zajímavosti z Prospectu

Výběr toho nejlepšího z říjnového čísla:
  • In 2005, Baltimore averaged a higher per capita homicide rate than Darfur. (UN field reports and infoplease.com; sent in by Alex de Waal)
  • In 1974, Leicestershire golfer Bob Taylor achieved three holes-in-one in competition on the same hole over three successive days. (Hole in one, by Chris Rodell; sent in by Charles Stonehill)
  • 35,000 people die of rabies in India every year. (The Times, 26th August 2008)
  • In the US, a poll of 10,000 married couples in 2006-07 found that 19 per cent met online, compared with 17 per cent who got together at work and 17 per cent who met through friends. (Daily Mirror, 14th August 2008)
  • Exports make up 13.5 per cent of US GDP—the highest figure since the second world war. (Wall Street Journal, 11th September 2008)
  • China's biggest single oil supplier is Angola. (The Economist, 30th August 2008)
  • 23 per cent of Germans believe the US government was behind 9/11. The figures in Britain, France and Italy are 5, 8 and 15 per cent respectively. In Egypt, just 12 per cent blame the US, although 43 per cent point the finger at Israel. (worldpublicopinion.org)
  • This year, over 5 per cent of the Egyptian government budget will go on bread subsidies. Subsidies as a whole cost more than the health and education budgets combined. (Prospect, October 2008)

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