pondělí 4. února 2013

Chvála kopírování

Zaujala mě velmi příznivá kritika knihy od Marcuse Boona "In Praise of Copying" z vydavatelství Harvard UP, tudíž jsem si podíval na její stránku, abych zvážil zakoupení pro fakultní knihovnu. A pak mě ještě mnohem více zaujala autorova douška:
Given the topic and stance of In Praise of Copying, I wanted the text to participate openly in the circulation of copies that we see flourishing all around us. I approached Harvard to discuss options and they agreed to make the book available as a PDF online. The PDF is freely available to anyone who wants to download it, but it does come with a Creative Commons License that sets some intelligent restrictions on what you can do with it. Although generosity is a wonderful thing, this isn’t especially intended as a utopian gesture towards a world in which everything is free. It’s recognition of the way in which copies of texts circulate today, a circulation in which the physical object known as the book that is for sale in the marketplace has an important but hardly exclusive role. A PDF of a book is not an illegitimate copy of a legitimate original but participates in other kinds of circulation that have long flourished around the book-commodity: the library book; the photocopy or hand-written copy; the book browsed, borrowed or shared. We all know these modes of circulation exist, as they continue to do today with online text archives.

Perhaps these online archives just make visible and more ‘at hand’ something that was happening invisibly, more distantly, but continuously before. At the same time, something new is going on. The physical book today is one copy, one iteration of a text among others. What that means for publishers, writers, readers and other interested parties is something that we are working out—on this webpage and elsewhere.”—Marcus Boon

Knihu můžete stahovat zde. Snad zbudou peníze, abych knihu pořídil i v její fyzické podobě. 

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