pondělí 2. srpna 2010

The Power of D’oh!

Pro letní anglické číslo časopisu Socioweb jsem si dovolil napsat text o seriálu Simpsonovi z hlediska politiky - The Power of D’oh! The Simpsons and the Representation of Politics in American Popular Culture.

Z editorialu dr. Pata Lyonse: The spotlight changes in the next article as Lukáš Hoder addresses using a critical qualitative perspective how products of American popular culture have a global effect. The specific question posed is how The Simpsons representation of reality might influence popular conceptions of politicians and the political system at the global level? Academic analyses of international successful cultural products such as Harry Potter and The Simpsons may aid understanding of global politics. This ‘critical geopolitical’ perspective argues that the global influence of The Simpsons lies its ability to (a) shape how international audiences perceive contemporary American society and (b) what specific social, political and economic issues to think about.

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