pátek 29. srpna 2008

Červené z Číny

Palba nových (vybraných) perliček ze zářijového Prospectu:
  • In England, 57 per cent of children aged five to 12 have visited Spain and 54 per cent France. But only 44 per cent have visited Wales and 39 per cent Scotland. (Travelodge)
  • China is now the world's sixth largest wine producer. (Slate, 8th August 2008)
  • There are around 600 breweries producing real ale in Britain— twice as many as 15 years ago. (The Economist, 16th August 2008)
  • Last year, the number of people killed on British roads—just under 3,000—was the lowest since records began in 1926. (BBC News, 26th June 2008)
  • Greece has more tanks than any other EU country. (The Economist, 26th July 2008)
  • 1p and 2p pieces made before 1992 are 97 per cent copper. Today's high price of copper ($8,185 a tonne) means they are worth around 3p. (Daily Telegraph, 11th July 2008
  • Evelyn Waugh's first wife was named Evelyn. (Curiosities of literature, by John Sutherland)
  • Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu both have houses in Vilakazi Street in Soweto, making it the only address in the world to house two Nobel Peace prize winners. (BBC news online, 19th July 2006)
  • Nine out of ten Chinese citizens say they approve of the way things are going in their country. (New Yorker, 28th July 2008)
  • With 800m players, beach volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world by participation, after football. (BBC1)
  • In the mid-1930s, there were 15,000 US citizens living in the USSR. (The Forsaken by Tim Tzouliadis).

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