úterý 12. srpna 2008

Od mé gruzínské spolužačky

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A přidávám i tělo mailu:
"On Russo-Georgian War
Saturday, August 9, 2008 at 4:31pm
This is for my friends who are worried or enquiring regarding the escalation of hostilities in Georgia’s South Ossetian region.
First, as we speak there is no more Georgian – South Ossetian forces battling one another. There are Georgian and Russian regular armies fighting in the region. Russian 58th Army stationed in North Caucasus yesterday crossed the Russo-Georgian border and entered South Ossetia to fight Georgia in order to hinder reintegration of South Ossetia into Georgia. Russia over the years cultivated the separatist regime providing the population under its control with Russian passports to later claim the right of defending Russian citizens. Russia sent active duty military and security personnel to serve as ministers and deputy ministers of the “Republic of South Ossetia”. At the same time, Russia serves or rather served as the principal mediator and peacekeeper in the conflict. Russia wants these territories for herself, and now fears there are chances it might not happen.
As mentioned above on the 8th of August Russian regular army crossed the border and engaged Georgian regular forces in combat. Russia, as expected, enjoys an absolute air superiority and is bombing targets not only in South Ossetia but also cities (including residential areas) hundreds of miles away from the combat location.
Tbilisi, Poti, Senaki, Gori, Kutaisi are bombed regularly. As I write I have no idea when the generals in Russia and de-facto President Putin will decide that they can bomb residential areas in Tbilisi as well.
3.5 million nation is now facing an emerging, newly confident Evil Empire. And this is no exaggeration. As the world stands silent the strong is trying to subdue the weak with a sheer force. The cynicism of Russia’s UN Ambassador Churkin reminds of Gromiko mentality coming back strong in Russia.
Now the world should decide whether to allow for Russian contempt of smaller nations and International Law to proceed or to stand up and defend the victim of aggression. We want freedom, we want democracy in our country, we want to be able to choose our own destiny. Putin and the Russian generals think otherwise. They do not believe that small nations should have the right to be free. For 18 years now we have been trying to break free from the imperial grasp, and Russia responded constantly with hostility and blackmail.
Now as always we stand united. And alone. We are fighting Russian military machine that is eager to try out new techniques on us. Russian airplanes are now attacking residential areas hundreds of miles away from the battleground. There are casualties, many are wounded, and homes are burning.
Please help the way you can. The world should not stay aloof. This danger is only prelude to what is to come if the world appeases the aggressor. Made confident by rising oil revenues Russia wants to take back its “rightful” place as an Evil Empire. Let us make sure that never happens again."

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