pátek 28. srpna 2009

Na víkend

Zahajujeme typickou víkendovkou - quasi Nick Hornby - "The Ghost of Football Past".

Člen britské Sněmovny lordů a emeritní profesor politické ekonomie na Warwick University Robert Skidelsky o mikrostátech, zejména z postsovětského regionu. "(...) the unraveling of multi-national states is a false path. The way forward lies in democratic forms of federalism, which can preserve sufficient central authority for the purposes of statehood, while respecting local and regional cultures."

Paul Krugman se zadlužování státu nebojí, ba naopak: "So new budget projections show a cumulative deficit of $9 trillion over the next decade. According to many commentators, that’s a terrifying number, requiring drastic action (...). The truth is more complicated and less frightening. Right now deficits are actually helping the economy. In fact, deficits here and in other major economies saved the world from a much deeper slump. (...) The official White House forecast shows a nation stuck in purgatory for a prolonged period, with high unemployment persisting for years. If that’s at all correct — and I fear that it will be — we should be doing more, not less, to support the economy."

Bjorn Lomborg se sice trochu opakuje, ale stále přináší zajímavé čtení o vhodném boji s globálním oteplováním.

Charlemagne (The Economist) je z dovolené zpět a hned píše o "glum atmosphere" v Bruselu.

Pěkná recenze knihy o soudci amerického Nejvyššího soudu Anthonym Kennedym, který hraje roli jazýčku na vahách. "He sits dead center in a court still polarized between four conservative justices and four liberal ones. In the 2006-07 term, for instance, Justice ­Kennedy joined the majority in all its 5-4 decisions. (...) Justice Kennedy acts as a "supermedian justice," because the views of even his proximate colleagues on the right and left are so distant from his own."

Na závěr lahůdka: Paul Wolfowitz o realismu.

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